- Ep.136 : [Friends Grow Alike] To keep the mango tree from Jeju warm, SoDa Siblings have visited an animal farm to get wool! They try shaving themselves and try horse-riding. But what interests Daeul the most seems to be dung! Seoeon and Seojun try going to their friend’s house by themselves! They head out with just a piece of paper with address on it on their hands and they face many obstacles… Rohui’s boyfriend is here! It’s Tori with a great smile! Donggook and his children went on a vacation to take a break from the busy schedule. Donggook gets surprised at what Seola brings while he’s resting. The three dads present a shocking oral narration of “Little Mermaid.” The three babies start crying after seeing Gyojin dressed up as a mermaid.



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